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Diving in the UK

Why Dive in The UK?

It's cold and you can't see anything! Can we please dispel this myth from the start! Yes, UK waters are never going to compete with the Red Sea but in the summer the water reaches 16°C which is fine for semi-dry suits, (though most of us stick with dry suits). With the right equipment you can be warm and toasty on any UK dive.

Sea Life - the UK's got lots! Try diving in the Mediterranean and you can play 'spot the fish' on some dives. In the UK the seas are abundant with fish of all shapes and sizes. We've also got soft corals (they don't only grow in Australia!), lobsters, crabs, cuttlefish, conger eels etc etc.

As for underwater visibility yes, it can be poor (below 5m horizontal visibility) but it can be much much better. The poor visibility is caused by the food that our sea life depends on - suspended particles and plankton blooms feed the small stuff which the larger life eats.

Let's prove the point with a few pictures all taken in the UK...

Martin outside HMS Scylla, Plymouth

Cuckoo Wrasse

Dog Fish and Edible Sea Urchin

Edible Crab

Jewel Anenomes

Dead Mens' fingers and Sponges

Pollack near Skomer Island, Pembroke

Sea fan on Skomer North Wall

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