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This could be you!If you live in the Bristol area and you are interested in learning to SCUBA dive, then you might like to join our club. If so, come along to one of our club nights and meet us. We can explain what's involved in more detail and you can get to know us. We are always happy to meet and talk with prospective members. Of course, you may already be qualified. We are always happy to welcome new members from other organisations who can either dive with us or do a simple cross-over to the BSAC.

If you're a member of another club or a lone diver just passing through the area, come along for a chat. It's always good to meet people from different areas and disciplines.

We have a number of very experienced instructors and members which means a high level of knowledge and training is available within the club. You will also be able to draw on members' knowledge of all matters diving related. One of our members is a BSAC Area Coach so we have our finger on the pulse of what is going on in our area too. In some cases, members may possess knowledge outside the sphere of diving which could be useful too!

You can find out when and where we meet here. You can meet out club committee here which shows that they're not that scarey a bunch.

You may wish to view our Club Constitution.

If you require some more information before you come along and you can not find it in these pages, you can drop us a line. You can find out how to get in touch with us here.

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