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Pembrokeshire Dive Charters are offering a few of their regular BSAC clubs the chance to help them launch their BSAC Premier Dive Centre with a special weekend: 'SEAMANSHIP SPECIALIST' event.

As you may be aware the BSAC Award of 'SEAMANSHIP SPECIALIST' is available to those who have completed the following:

They will be running a qualifying weekend over the Easter Bank Holiday (14th, 15th, 16th and 17th April 2006). The idea will be that people will be able to come either for the whole 4 days or just a few and 'TOP UP' on the elements they need to complete the award. For those days when the course is running the bits you have already done the dive boats will be running dive trips.

Both Blue Shark and Diamond will be running with two dives a day. So you can do a mix of courses and diving and qualify for the award of 'Seamanship Specialist'. First come first booked. You will notice that 4 days is not enough to do all the above courses as they are expecting most people to have one or more element already. If there is anyone who needs extra days further dates can be arranged.

All in weekend with 3 nights accommodation and 4 days courses or diving (mix and match) £245 (Plus BSAC fees).

To book, contact Steve Lewis:

Pembrokeshire Dive Charters Heddfan, Blackett Lane, Little Haven, Pembrokeshire. Tel/fax: 01437-781569 E-mail: pembs.diver@btinternet.com


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