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Planning A Dive Trip

The information on this page is aimed at helping club members plan trips. Hopefully this information will make the task easier and encourage more people to plan club diving activities. So, how about organising a trip? The information here should help you. If you'd like to organise something at short notice, check out the last minute spaces on the Divernet Web Site.

Remember: there are always people in the club willing to give guidance and advice about planning a trip.

Initial Activities

You will need to think about any trip some time in advance and talk to club members to get a feel for the level of interest in what you are proposing. Bear in mind that a lot of members have other commitments so it's wise to begin this process as soon as you can. If you're not sure about where to go diving, have a chat with members who have planned trips before. Click here for a list of charter companies.

If you feel your trip is feasible, you will need to either speak to a potential dive operator in your target area or think about what boats will be needed (club boat, hired RIB(s), chartered hardboat). If you're planning shore diving, this is obviously not an issue.

Clear what you wish to do with the Diving Officer. He will want to know what you plan to do, what experience level is required to do the diving and who is planning to go.

Check out the BSAC Dive Planning Page (sorry, this link is broken and I haven't found the new page yet) for a whole bunch of information, spreadsheets and documents on planning dives.

Before The trip

On The Day

After The Diving

Hopefully by this stage, everyone will have had a good time. You will be surprised at how everyone works together to make sure the trip is a success. After all everyone wants to dive, they're not here to test your organisational skills! You still have a few things left to do though.

Hopefully you'll have an enjoyable trip having planned it yourself. Yes, there's a bit more work than just turning up on a dive someone else has organised but it's very satisfying to feel that you organised the trip and that everyone enjoyed their diving.

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