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Lundy 1999

Aboard the Torridge Warrior

After a pleasant evening sampling the hospitality of Ilfracombe, Saturday morning found us eagerly clambering aboard the Torridge Warrior for the 2 hour trip out to Lundy Island. Our skipper Simon and crew member Danielle made us very welcome. And was it a scorcher? Seas like a mill-pond made us feel like we were in Greece rather than still within sight of North Devon.

Upon first arriving at Lundy, we moored in Gannets Bay for a cup of tea and a quick snorkel. It soon became apparent that we would get little peace this weekend. The seals were out in force and keen to play!

The weekend's diving consisted of the Knoll Pins (25m), Gannets Bay (7m seal-fest), Battery Point Reef (26m) and, of course, The Robert (23m). Another Vdrive bites the dust

Gannets Bay in particular proved very popular both with club members and with the seals. There seemed to be some kind of game going on to which we were not privvy. No sooner had the intrepid snorkler or diver surfaced to seal-spot, than another seal would appear behind them as if mocking our lack of finness in the water. Another game played with SCUBA divers was to appear tantalisingly close only to dive into the depths of the kelp at the bottom of the bay only to emerge somewhere completely different. An extra member in our party

On our part, I think we offered a bit of mild amusement for these obviously intelligent and playful creatures. We also provided what seemed like some tasty fin material. Oceanic's VDrives seemed to be the most popular - probably a combination of lurid colour and size!

If you want to play with the seals, we were there 31st July/1st August weekend which appears to be a good time. Do bear in mind though that this is a marine conservation area!

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