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Menorca 1999

Shoal of Menorcan fish

The club trip to Menorca was a great success. 15 people flew out from Brisol "International" for a week in the Blanc Palace in Sa Caleta, Menorca. We dived with Deep Blue International, a relatively new dive operation based near Sa Caleta. Barracuda

The sea temp was a very pleasant and consistent 24 deg C with vis ranging from 15-20m. Sites dived include Ses closta esora which means "Hole of the Candles" (apparently); Friars I & III, Slipway, Cala Blanca Canyons and Grand Canyons. This latter dive was typical of Menorca - plenty of swim-throughs and caverns to explore and some rather narrow tunnels to navigate. A good test of buoyancy! We did two boat dives with Poseidon Divers. These were at the famous Pont D'en Gil Cavern (Gil's Cavern). This is a 220m long cave system accessible by diving to only 12m. We saw the Chamber of Columns and the white sandy beach at the back of the cave system. Diving into a cavern was definitely a new experience for many of us.

Sea life was not particularly abundant but we did get some close encounters with Octopii and squid! The main features of the diving were the drop-offs, caves and swim-throughs - and, of course, a week in relatively warm water in October can't be bad.

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