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Vobster Quay, 10th April 2005

Divers: Christine Prince, Kris Gray, Chris Gray, Mark Siggins.

The dive season has definitely started now, as four members braved the elements at Vobster Quay on a sunday morning. Actually, it was a nice day with a fair bit of sunshine; 14°C and four-eighths cloud cover for the meteorologically-minded. At 11am, it was a leisurely start too.

The place was quite busy, so no chance of parking at the bottom, we could only unload the gear on the quayside, and then park in the top car park. Then after the usual “hellos", getting cylinders filled, and cups of tea, there was nothing for it but to start kitting up!

We’d decided to start our dives from the decking entry point at the end of the footpath, as that’s where the new attractions are! … and you get that big ol’ stride entry – get it over and done with, none of that teetering around and losing your balance on the rocks in the slipway:-)

First in was Christine, quickly followed by Kris. They were soon under way. Then it’s the turn of Chris and myself. (I should have just been a token Chris for the day!). John, having caught a bad cold, couldn’t dive and had to be content with dive-marshalling duties, assisted by Rob. I can’t say ABLY assisted, because poor Rob’s arm is still in a delicate state. Get well soon mate!

What are these new attractions then? Well, there are two more cars, but also, an aircraft! Quite a big one too, a Hawker-Siddley HS-748. They’ve removed the engines and wings, and cut what’s left into 3 pieces, and two of them are in only 12 or 13 metres of water, not far from the 9m platform. The now open ends of the fuselage sections make for an easy swim-though. Makes a change from a shipwreck!

See: http://www.vobsterquay.co.uk/attraction-aircraft.shtml

We all did 2 dives, nothing particularly deep, or technically demanding - it’s exactly what’s needed after the winter layoff.

So, a big “thank you” to John for organising this very worthwhile trip. We’ll all be better prepared for the Devon trip now, as we’ll have dived six days ago instead of six months:-)

We all got a bit lost on the way back though, and had to ask for directions…… in a pub…..

Mark Siggins.

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