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This page gives details of the dive sites we have visited (from May 2004) and fuller reports written by club members. Read about the trips you missed, decide if you want to go on a similar trip in the future, write your own report or just find out about the club and its members. Note: the dive sites are listed in the order dived.

If you'd like to write a trip report, find out what to do and e-mail the Webmaster.

A map showing where we have dived (yellow pins) and will be diving (red pins) in 2009. Click on the markers to see the location's description.

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Falmouth 2007

Another excellent trip organised by Martin Glanvill. We all got together in the Chain Locker pub for drinks and food on Friday night but had to be up too early on Saturday morning to meet Jason aboard Westbay Lass at 8am! We dived Vase Rocks (part of the Manacles) which were teeming with life, especially jewel anenome, followed by the wreck of Epsilon in Falmouth Bay. On Saturday evening, everyone met on Simon and Fiona's yacht for pre-dinner drinks (is 10 adults on a 29' sailing yacht a record?) and then retired to The Hut restaurant - highly recommended. Another early start on Sunday and we were off to dive The Whelps - a series of pinnacles running SW from Gull Rock, followed by the wreck of the Hera. The lobster at the end of the swim through seemed to be missing this year, replaced by a Conger Eel. Thanks to Martin for organising everything.

Pembroke 2007

A wet start to the weekend when we all battled against the traffic caused by the floods in Gloucestershire. The rain held off all weekend, even managing sunshine on the Sunday. Had 4 good scenic dives with remarkably good viz considering the weather. Dive sites were Rye Rocks off Skomer Island; West Wall of The Neck, Skomer Island; North Wall of Skomer Island and High Point, St Bride's Bay. We were diving with Pembrokeshire Dive Charters, aboard Blue Shark, skippered by Howard with Gareth as crew - thanks to both of you for a cracking weekend! See Dave George's gallery for some pictures of the weekend.

Lundy 2007

We set of from Bristol on Friday evening for the 10 hour trip to Lundy aboard Pride of Bristol. This 25m former Royal Navy Fleet Tender was our home for the next two nights. On Saturday we dived the Landing Bay, the Wreck of the Robert and Gannets Bay with the seals. On Sunday it was a return visit to the Robert before the trip home. As usual, the crew of Pride of Bristol looked after us very well, with a special mention to Maggie who was our cook for the weekend - fantastic job!

Oban 2006

Liveaboard a converted fishing vessel. Dive sites: Wreck of the Thesis, Wreck of the Shuna, Sunart Loch, Wreck of the Hispania, A night dive at Lochaline Pier, Wreck of the Rondo, Wreck of the Breda. More info and some pictures may appear here soon, but the guys who went had a great time!

Challaborough, August 2006

RIB diving shuttling people from the beach. On Saturday we dived Wells Rock, Bigbury Bay; the Wreck of the Jebba, Bolt Tail. On Sunday we dived the Wreck of the Persier, Bigbury Bay; Wells Rock, Bigbury Bay; and the Aircraft Graveyard, off Burgh Island. We were very lucky with the weather - the forecast looked as though diving would be cancelled but it was only Saturday late afternoon that things started to get a bit choppy. Sunday was OK, but some found slamming into the south-westerly swell on the way out to the Persier not exactly to their liking! Click here for a general article on the wrecks of Bigbury Bay, though some of the information is dated.

Pembroke, July 2006
Another good weekend with Pembrokeshire Dive Charters aboard their hard boat 'Blue Shark', skippered by Howard with the assistance of Dennis as crew. Some of the sites were unavailable due to southerly swell. Sites we dived: Rye Rocks, Skomer Island; North Wall, Skomer Island; Wreck of the Lucy, Skomer Island; Wreck of the Dakotian, Dale. Use this link for information about diving around Skomer.

David George has put some of his photos of the weekend on his website.

Plymouth, July 2006
Diving with Sunfish Charters, skippered by Mike. Dive sites were the former Leander Class Frigate HMS Scylla (23m) and Cawsands Bay (10m)

Scylla was a very interesting dive as no one on the trip had dived this previously.

Everyone went down the shot at the bow and swam along to the stern and back. As the Scylla is large this was all we had time for on a tank of air. It was a totally fascinating ship to go around from the accommodation area and bridge and also the helicopter pad at the stern. Everyone wants to go back to it having done a general dive so now would like to take more detailed observations of specific parts of Scylla.

We were lucky that we dived fairly early as we were the first on her, however as we were leaving there were loads of other divers coming down the shot as we were going up. This did have the effect of making ones stop on the shot a somewhat up and down affair, however all was ok.

Cawsands Bay is an area with cliffs on the shore and fingers of rocks reaching out into the sea with sandy areas between the 'fingers' This means you have very varied scenes to investigate, kelp areas and non kelp areas.

Vis for the day I have logged at 5m for both dives, our weather was excellent and all in all we had a good time.

Falmouth, June 2006
A weekend of excellent weather and a flat sea making for a superb trip. We dived Raglan Reef (The Manacles), wreck of the Mohegan on Saturday followed by The Whelps reef and the wreck of the Hera on Sunday. Water was 10°C and reasonable underwater visibility (around 10m), though there was a bit of a plankton bloom on Sunday. Simon managed to rip his dry suit neck seal on Saturday but thanks to Aqua-Seals (see news page for more information) it was repaired and returned in 3 hours. Thanks to Martin for organising the trip and to Shaun and Becky of Bay Marine who run a very comfortable and spacious dive boat.

Swanage, April 2006
First UK dive for most members but the more intrepid have already been in at NDAC Chepstow and Brixham. Just a day, but 11 members dived the wreck of the fishing boat Fleur de Lys and a scenic bimble around Anvil Point. Water temperature was a balmy 9°C but the viz was a good 5m in the morning but in the afternoon between 15m to 20m - fantastic! Congratulations and thanks to Mark for organizing the weekend - it was the first time he has 'done' a dive trip and it went extremely well. Also a special mention to Lisa, whose trousers turned into a water magnet over the weekend!

Lundy, September 2005
12 of us joined Pride of Bristol for this annual trip. The weather was not too kind, strong south-easterly winds blowing out the whole of the east side of the island. We nevertheless managed 4 good dives on the sheltered west coast: Jenny's Cove; a drift north from Devil's Slide; a rummage in the kelp at the wreck site of HMS Montague (some of us found wreckage!) and a drift south from Jenny's Cove on Sunday morning. As usual, the crew of Pride of Bristol looked after us well. We are always amazed how they can feed us all from the small galley! Click here for pictures.


L-R Paul, Carol, Chris, Mark, Nikki, John & KrisSwanage, August 2005
Drift dive on Mussel Beds (2 knots of tide!) and Fleur de Lys wreck dive Click here for the trip report from Carol.


Pembrokeshire, July 2005
Diving with Pembrokeshire Dive Charters. On Saturday we dived The Smalls, a group of rocks 16 miles west of Skomer Island where the seals had great fun at our expense and the lobsters were large but evasive! The second dive was the wreck of the Allendale off Skokholm Island, a steamship stranded on 12th May 1895 en route from Penarth to Liverpool, loaded with coal.

On the Sunday we dived the Howney Stone, know to the locals as The Hen & Chickens, in St Brides Bay, due west of Little Haven. Our second dive was the wreck of the Venus, also known as the "Dead Eye Wreck". This sailing ship was lost on 29th November 1833 and has been identified by artifacts recovered.

Falmouth, June 2005
Diving with Bay Marine. Dive Sites: Penwin Reef, The Manacles; wreck of the Caroni River, Falmouth Bay, a large oil tanker which detonated a magnetic mine January 1940; The Bizzies, a reef 1.25 miles east of Killigerran Head; The Hera, a steel, four-masted barque lost February 1914 when it sailed onto Gull Rock in Veryan Bay, east of Falmouth

Plymouth, May 2005
We took the shuttle from Deep Blue Diving and dived HMS Scylla in the morning and the Breakwater Fort in the afternoon. Visibility on the Scylla was around 8m. The silt continues to build on the wreck and the encrusting animals are gaining ground. Larger fish were present than we saw on our last dive in November 2004.

Due to a strong swell, we all decided that slamming round to the James Egan Layne would not be fun, so opted for a dive round the fort to the north of the breakwater. Loads of life here including a large lobster (known as "The General" to JK for some reason!), tompot blennies, small squat lobsters, shrimps and pink sea fans. A good dive, marred with the news that a diver had been lost on the James Egan Layne that afternoon. Click here for the MCA's press release.

Vobster Quay, April 2005
Training trip to see the new aircraft. Click here for full details.

Malta, January 2005
Club trip to a windy island! Click here for full details and pictures.

HMS Scylla, November 2004
Seasearch survey of this new artificial reef. Click here for full report.

Cawsand Bay, October 2004
Seasearch Survey, Cawsands Bay, Plymouth. Click here for full report.

Lyme Regis, October 2004
This trip was cancelled due to gales in the channel.

Portland September 2004
Dive Sites: Drift dive between Balaclava Bay and Grove Point and outside North East Wall, Portland Breakwater. Sunday's diving cancelled due to gales.

Isles of Scilly - August 2004
Dive Sites: Little Kettle Rock, Tresco; King Cadwollon off Hard Lewis Rocks, St Martins; White Island, off St Martins; Wreck of the Poliere off Tresco; Mando (former liberty ship); scenic dive at Round Island; Gannets Bay, Lundy; Robert, Lundy.

Pembroke July 2004 - Report - NOW WITH PICTURES!
Carol Dale's account of our weekend diving with Pembrokeshire Dive Charters. Dive sites: North Wall, Skomer; Wreck of Thomas Vaughan; Rye Rocks, Skomer and Wreck of the Angelica, Skokholm.

Pembroke May 2004
Dive Sites: Ionian, Bullslaughter Bay; Highland Home; The Smalls; Rye Rocks, Skomer Island.

Red Sea February 2004
Report of the week spent aboard MV Excel with pictures - may take a minute or two to load on dial-up connections, but the wait is worthwhile.

Vobster Quay January 2004
Pictures from the trip to Vobster Quay

Tenerife 2003
Report & pictures from our trip to Tenerife

Steve dives the Zenobia
Report by Steve C (your webmaster) on a club trip to Cyprus

BCD visits Lyme Regis
Report by Steve C (your webmaster) on a club trip to Lyme Regis.

Steve visits Normandy
Report by Steve C (your webmaster) on trip to the D-Day beaches.

Steve visits Bikini Atoll
Report by Steve C (your webmaster) on trip to Bikini Atoll.

Steve visits the Galapagos
Report by Steve C (your webmaster) on a Christmas spent on the Galapagos Aggressor.

Mark and Carren go to Bonaire - 2000
Some pictures by Mark and Carren Holden from their recent trip to Bonaire.

Pembrokeshire 21st - 23rd July 2000
RIB diving with Pembrokeshire Dive Charters - Fiona Hampton-Matthews.

Julie Dawson visits the Red Sea - June 2000
A report from the Red Sea

Sharm-el-Sheikh 26th November 1999
Hard-boat diving from this popular Egyptian destination.

Menorca - October 1999
Shore diving in the Med.

Lundy - 31st August 1999
Diving a local island on Torridge Warrior.

Sound of Mull - May 1998
A week of wrecking in Scotland.

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