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Member Services

Member Services

Members' Information

A page dedicated to club members. Links to members' web sites or any other information you wish to put on here.

Click here to go to the Members' page.

BSAC Web Site

Here is the BSAC's web site.

Update the details BSAC HQ hold about you, for instance a change of address.


Link to the issue list of BSAC's members' newsletter.

Club Constitution

You can get a copy of the club constitution here. It tells you all about the rules and regulations of the club. Check it out - it's not [quite] as dull as it sounds.

Diving Activity Log

All club dive trips should have a dive manager. Part of the manager's responsibility is to record diving activity of club members. Use this log sheet to record diving activity - it's an Excel spreadsheet so you could even type up the logs after the dive and e-mail to the Diving Officer.

Download the Dive Log.


Members may download the expenses form here to reclaim authorised expenditure from the club. All receipts must be provided and the form signed.


All members must sign a self-declaration medical form and hand the original to Simon for the club's records. You must keep a copy in your log book. The form must be updated annually. To download the self declaration form right-click here and select 'Save target as'. Further detailed information is available on the BSAC web site. If you have any queries please contact a doctor from BSAC's list of Medical Referees.

BSAC Subs by Direct Debit

you can now pay your BSAC subs by Direct Debit. Click here to download the form.

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