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Sharm Trip

Autumn 1999 - Sharm-el-Sheikh

What's all this then?

For those going to Sharm at the end of November, here's a bit of information you might be interested in....Last updated 11th November 1999 13:44

The trip is one week in Sharm-el-Sheikh departing 26th November 1999. People booked and confirmed are;

S Chaplin
G Daly
R Hewitt
Z Stec

Note the above names are those booked and confirmed. If the spelling of your name is incorrect please let me know otherwise ticket details may be incorrect and may not be accepted by the airline.

Tickets and dive vouchers have been received. I am holding them at the moment. If anyone wants their tickets, let me know and I'll get them to you.

Trip Information

The trip is booked through Regal Diving who I have used before. We are staying in Naama Bay, Sharm-el-Sheikh and diving with Emperor Divers (more info below).

The cost you have ben quoted includes all flights, taxes (not taxis!), transfers by coach to Naama Bay, B&B accommodation (see below) and a 12 dive package with Emperor Divers (more details below).

Hidden Costs

There's always something so I've tried to identify all extra costs here;

Travel Details

Friday 26th November Depart: Gatwick 12:15 Arrive: Sharm-el-Sheikh 19:15
Friday 3rd December Depart: Sharm 20:15 Arrive: Gatwick 23:55!!

We are flying with Air 2000. As usual, check-in will be 2 hours before departure - Gatwick North Terminal. All UK departure taxes are included in the price.

Baggage allowance is the usual paltry 20kg so pack with care!

The visa for entry into Egypt can be purchased at Sharm airport on arrival (if you are a UK citizen). This will cost 10 pounds. Apparently, it may be possible to over-pay for the visa and get your change in local currency which could be convenient although this is an unconfirmed tip/rumour!

Currency is the Egyptian Pound. On 15/10/199 the exchange rate was 5.65 Egyptian to the UK Pound. I can recommend getting foreign currency from the Post Office - they do a good rate and will buy back unused notes with no fee. Of course, Egyptian currency may need to be ordered.

Accommodation is arranged. Grant and Steve are staying overnight at Gatwick. Ziggy and Roger are travelling down on the day.

What You Will Need

You will need the following;

Additionally, you are advised to check you have the following innoculations (although none of them are mandatory); Tetanus, Typhoid, Hepatitus-A and Polio.

The Accommodation

We have B&B accomodation in the Kahramana Hotel which is a 4* place (whatever that means!). This is in Naama Bay itself, five minutes walk from the sea (maybe 10 mins to the dive centres). Here's a picture of the hotel.

If you want to know any more about the accommodation, just ask - I've stayed there before.

Drinks in the hotel bar(s) can be very expensive (especially the coctails). A good trick we found is to buy some beer at the airport on the way in and stock up the fridge in your room. Handy for that post-dive refresher - saves a fortune too!

The Diving

The dive package is for 12 dives, 2 dives per day and they must be done on consecutive days. You will get vouchers for the diving which are given to Emperor. It should be possible to book night dives, Thistlegorm trips, Nitrox or any other fancy stuff with Emperor Divers whilst out there. Your dive vouchers can be used as part payment for these. For example, if you choose to take a day out and go down to dive the Thistlegorm, your vouchers for that day's diving can be used in part payment for the cost of that trip.

I believe everyone has been to Sharm before and knows the ropes, but the diving is guided and hard-boat based. Tanks and weights are provided (other kit can be arranged).

Last time I didn't go on the Thistlegorm trip as it meant getting up at 5am but I think I'll go for it this time!

Additional Info

You are advised to check mobile coverage as it is sparse in Egypt. Last year there was certainly no GSM 900 (Cellnet/Vodaphone) coverage in Sharm. This may have changed.

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