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An awesome experience for all In previous years, the club has been involved in a local outdoor pursuit weekend where we provide equipment and divers as part of a joint event with Wells Cathedral School. The Cathedral School teams up every year with a number of disabled children for a weekend of activities including camping and climbing. Recently, SCUBA diving has also been offered as an activity.

BCD members did not quite know what to expect the first time having rashly promised in the pub one night to go diving with children of varying ability levels ranging from fully able to totally blind. Certainly, it was with some trepidation that your author entered the Wells Cathedral School's outdoor pool that first morning. Some of us are instructors and some have a lot of diving experience but this had to be a first for most of us. At least the weather was on our side on that first morning! The event has been run again and was just as successful. It has become a popular event for both the children and our club members.

On camera!A very special moment for your author was with a lad who could only just discern light and dark when he realised that rolling on to his back at the bottom of the pool meant that he could pick out those magical dappled patterns the sun can make through the water (in some countries!). Quite an experience for me and I guess he enjoyed it too.

We are hoping we will be lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work on this event in future.

p.s. Even one of the teachers managed to sneak in for a go at the end!

Wells School Teacher has a go!

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